June 12, 2016

About Us

Snippets IT Solutions is one of the leading digital marketing service providers. We simplify the process of delivering any digital service to industries and customized, turnkey digital distribution and management solutions that enable the secure delivery of digital service to businesses, organizations and individuals anywhere in the world.

The main goal of our company is to proffer an attractive, innovative and professional service and solutions that help organizations exceed in their business. We engage customers and allow them to interact with the brand through servicing and delivery of digital media. This is achieved by designing digital media in such a way that it requires some type of end user action to view or receive the motive behind that media’s creation.

The main question in digital marketing today is, “how do we derive the maximum value and profit from our marketing strategy or program?”  The answer lies in the concept of integrating the various components of digital and offline marketing such as; search marketing; social media; advertising; branding; content marketing; and more. With our quality experience, efficient resources, latest technology and unique methodology we made our clients to Stands Out From the Crowd.

Why Snippets IT Solutions?

Snippets IT Solutions is a collaboration of like-minded professionals who encompass years of experience besides profound knowledge in digital marketing. Team Snippets IT Solutions works together with a single vision ie. to use digital marketing for transformation and create prosperity for our clients, their customers, shareholders, employees and stakeholders. We do what we love.

We use some of the most advanced measurement methodologies available in the market today. We don’t provide you with a data and dashboard of fluff metrics. We provide relevant data that shows how digital marketing social media is delivering to your bottom line. Our strategies are designed to deliver the quality results and increase profitability through social and digital channels. We provide a services and solutions for your PPC campaign, Yahoo, Google, Bing and other major search engines.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

Digital marketers monitor things like what is being viewed, how often and for how long, sales, website traffic, conversions rate, what content works and much more. Marketers can use this information to prepare a better strategy for business and co-ordinate with customers for positive image of brand.  It’s not enough to just know your customers; you must know them better than anyone else, so you can communicate with them when they are most receptive and responsive to your message. The deeper your insight into action, preference and customer behaviors, the more likely you are ready to engage them in lucrative interactions.

Digital marketing includes a ferryboat of Internet marketing techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media campaign, search engine marketing (SEM), link building and much more.